Content Strategy and fighting through the noise

From a marketing standpoint there is a great deal of noise right now with regards to how businesses can make it through to the other side… Content strategy is a key part of successfully navigating any tough period in business.

“You need to prep for when this ends”

“Marketing your business is your bloodline”

“Everyone else is still doing it”

THIS IS ALL TRUE! There IS a light at the end of the tunnel! If we do it right.

Content Strategy

This is a very difficult time for most and unfortunately there are, and will be, casualties in the business world. Many local companies I have spoken with have told me about the worries they have. Not only for their business but, for the people who work for them and have, over time, become like family. Economic crisis is business poison…but there is an antidote! CONTENT STRATEGY!

One of the many things I have learned from people I have worked with, either in the past or present, is the importance of your network! Now more than ever it is important to reach out to the people you have in your network. Even if you have only ever spoken with that person on a professional level. Even if you have only connected on a social media platform and never even spoken before! Now is the time.

Send someone a message, or an email, or even better…CALL THEM. In this day and age communication is made so very easy and is accessible to people of all ages. At the touch of a button you can speak with pretty much anyone in the world, why not use the tools at your disposal? You will never come across a brick layer who neglects their trowel and then moans they can lay brick.

From a business point of view, there will need to be a strategy put in place to navigate a successful marketing campaign.

Sounds like a “yeah duh…” point to make right??

Yes, it does! But you would be surprised the amount of companies that are not utilising the most basic of human (and business) needs. Many are professionally distancing themselves as well as socially distancing and that is not the right tactic to employ in ANY circumstance. Unfortunately this is a habit that has gone bad from the pandemic.

1.      Use your social media

Most businesses are on some form of social media these days. If you’re not, then there is your fist problem.

Using the platforms right is important for your content strategy but also the timing needs to be right. I have seen so many post about setting up a routine, staying focused and how people are getting through the day. This is ALL fantastic content, and very relevant right now, but don’t neglect your business!! There are the LinkedIn haters out there who drone on about how “LinkedIn is not Facebook”, and they’re right…it’s not, but at the same time we are not robots. We have personalities. We have things we do daily. These are all things that usually have a large amount to do with our business and the engagement from our network. Also, remember to keep up to date with and share industry news as well as news about your business.

On the same note, remember, there will be a massive customer base that are not on LinkedIn so, your content needs to be transferable for all platforms i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more popular now, Instagram. (Keep an eye on TikTok, they are sky rocketing and there will be customers there too…) content strategy should not be just pinned to one platform!

2.      Speak to Marketing Consultants

A lot of companies avoid speaking with Marketing Consultants and all Marketeers in the fear of being “Sold to” at every turn. Don’t worry. We are not all like that.

The majority of Marketing Consultants have gone through intense training and are constantly learning and gaining certification on a regular basis. Use that knowledge! Anyone worth their salt will give you the time of day to offer advice. To be fair, with the way things are now, they would be happy for the conversation, just like you.

You never know that information may be useful to you if you just take the time to hear it.

The biggest question right now is “should I still be marketing my business?”. Of course you should! The only difference would be HOW to market your business. You need to remain sensitive to the situation but, at the same time, let people know you are still very much there to provide the same quality service you are known for.

3.      ASK!!

This one is one of the most basic things missing right now and it is probably one of the most important things you should be doing to help your business survive.

There seems to be a taboo around asking for things right now but, what we need to remember, if we stop asking for business there may be a collapse in the economy which will be catastrophic!

If we all stop, the economy will suffer. And nobody wants that. The only way to come out of this on top or with the least amount of damage possible. However, remember the situation is different and we need to adapt our approach.

Final note.

As a species, we all seem to have adapted considerably well and I hope we can all continue to do so. If we all work together, we can get through this as learn a little something too. Business will continue and hopefully thrive as long as we all do our part. There will be a massive shift in paradigm in the business world moving forward and I believe we will come out stronger.

Hopefully these simple guidelines will help you during these very unprecedented times and help us all get through this. Remember, it is always a good idea to remind people you are still here.

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This article was written 3rd of April 2020 but the practices and philosophy still stands!